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The 2022 Adult Summer Soccer League will take place on Monday and Thursday evenings after 6:00pm starting on June 21, lasting until approximately Aug 1st.  A player will have a minimum of eight scheduled games during this season. These matches will be 6v6, consisting of two 25-minute halves, including a goalie.  All players must be at least a Freshman in High School or older.

If you are signing up as a team, the player who wishes to act as captain for the team will designate this on their own form; all others will register as normal.  After all members of the team have registered, the captain should submit the list of no more than 10 players in total for his or her team through email to [email protected]  Any players that are not on one of these lists after the registration period will be assigned to a team.

As teams are formed and registration closes, we will inform you of your team assignments and any additional details for the upcoming season.



Any Rule of the Game not altered by the following changes will still apply and should be adhered to and strictly enforced by the officials.

Number of Players/Rosters

Number of players on a roster: 10 max

7 players on the field – 6 field players plus a goalkeeper.

Games cannot be played with fewer than 4 players.

A team roster and waiver must be completed and turned in prior to the tournament/league.

The Game

Games will be 60 minutes in duration – two 25 minutes halves.

The game will have a 10 minute halftime break.

The offside rule does not apply in the 7V7 format.

In case of a tie after regulation time during group play, the game will finish as a tie game.

Pinnies will be provided by the league for both teams.

All players must wear shirts and Shin Guards

No slide tackling is allowed (except reasonable play by a goal keeper inside their own box, as determined by the referee). This action will result in a direct free kick.


Teams may sub on the fly at any time during the game.

The player coming off the field of play must be within 2 yards of the touchline near their team’s bench before the new player comes onto the field of play.

Players Equipment

Shin guards are mandatory and must be completely covered by socks.

In the event of a shin guard violation, the player will be cautioned and sent off until properly equipped.


For any playoff game (quarter-final, semi-final, or championship) that ends in a tie, the game will go straight to penalties where 3 kicks will be taken by each team. If tied after 3, then sudden death will take place.

All team members on the roster must kick (unless injured – ref determines) before a player takes a second shot.

Proper footwear is required; no metal cleats.


A forfeit will be awarded if an opposing team is not ready to play within 15 minutes of a scheduled start time.

A forfeit will go down as a 3-0 win for the team that is there and ready to play.

If both teams do not show, or are not ready to play – neither team will be awarded points.

Start of Play

No drop balls in penalty area.

Fouls & Free Kicks

All fouls apply except for offside. The offside rule does not apply.

Slide tackling is not permitted (except reasonable play by a goal keeper inside their own box, as determined by the referee).  This action will result in a direct free kick.


Goal kicks or punts may not cross the half line in the air without first touching the ground or a player. For violations of this rule, the ball is awarded to the opposition on the half line.


Ejections for violent actions including, but not limited to fighting may result in suspension for any further play. This will be decided upon by the League Directors.

Any player that receives a yellow card will be given a 4 minute sin bin. The player who received the yellow card still must sit out the mandatory 4 minutes.

Offensive language is a considered to warrant a caution card, any language directed towards officials, opponents, or spectators will result in ejection from the game.

Final decisions regarding length of suspension will be made by League Director.

Team Requirements

All teams are required to show up 10 minutes prior to their games start time.

A team can start a game with a minimum of 4 players.

Teams will play 8 league games and then a possible playoffs if time permits.

Any teams playing with red carded players or players not on their original rosters will be subject to a forfeit, in that game.


At minimum, one referee will be assigned to each match.

Inclement Weather

Only referees and/or League Director can cancel or postpone a match.

Should a match’s progress be terminated due to weather conditions after one half has been completed the match will be considered official and the score at the time will stand.

In the event of bad weather, game schedules and various rules may need to be altered. Be sure to check with the League Director to see if your team is impacted.


WIN = 3 points

TIE = 1 point

LOSS = 0 points

FORFEIT = 3-0 win (worth 3 points)


Head to head

Goal differential (goals for – goals against = GD)

Most wins

Least goals allowed

Most goals scored


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